Old Smokeys Boots

Who is Chrissy Murphy?

“It’s so much easier to describe someone else isn’t it? Who am I? At this exact moment I am overwhelmingly grateful for the life I live, I am easily excitable, and a woman who is just trying to be better every day. Old Smokeys Boots allows me to show the world what I am passionate about but on boots!”


How did you get involved in making boots?

“The story of how I started making boots essentially came from a prayer. I was an actress out in LA for nearly 10 years and my heart had changed about wanting to act. I prayed and prayed for God to help me find something where I could make a name for myself and also be creatively fulfilled. Not too long after that I woke up one day with a strong decide to rework a pair of my own boots. Mind you this had never happened before this day. So I listened and I took out vintage treasures from my closet and played around until I had a cute boho folded over bootie. I wore them everywhere and I got stopped everywhere. Girls were wanting to know where I bought my boots and where they could get a pair. I knew then my prayer was answered.”

FullSizeRender (25)

Favorite item you’ve made so far?

“My favorite item changes with each new collection! There’s usually one pair of boots that are inevitably too small that I always want to keep. I try not to get attached to any of them because I know I can make myself a pair anytime.”

Who/what inspires you and why?

“I love watching old John Wayne westerns and checking out how their costumer dressed each character. Musicians inspire me. Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top still has mad style and he is currently inspiring the collection I am working on. Or I can simply get inspired by a belt or a cool bandana and instantly an idea pops into my mind for a boot.”


What is something that makes you feel truly beautiful?

“I feel truly beautiful when I am in a super goofy mood with unexplainable dance moves. Or let’s face it when you’ve had a kick ass team of hair and makeup do you up right! ;)”

What is something that keeps you positive?

“Faith is what keeps me positive.I love to look back on my life and I think about how and why all the puzzle pieces came together. Every little detail of my life has led me to this moment and I have always been taken care of. There’s a lot of peace in knowing  we are always provided for with faith.”


How do you stay true to yourself?

“Being authentic is how I stay true to myself. I’m human and most certainly have had years of trying to be perfect at everything, or be someone I’m not, or dress like someone else, and I failed. Once I decided to just simply be me life really opened up.Old Smokey Boots (OSB) can only succeed if I am being myself. People can see through masks and when I started this company I think I really started to show the world who I was. My favorite boots have imperfections and I think that says something about how I’ve grown.”

Finish the sentence “I feel most natural when…”

“I feel most natural when I’m laughing and wearing boots!”


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