My Experience with Harassment

Today’s post is completely different than what I normally post. It may not seem super positive but I promise it will have a happy ending.

I feel like harassment is something that many young women (and men) deal with more than we talk about and more than we think about.

I have been exposed to a whole new level of harassment just these past couple of months. I do not know who the person is nor I know why it is happening.

I have been subjected to numerous phone calls and texts (from various numbers all being fake) claiming to be friends of mine or people I know or saying they know where I’m at or what I’m doing. Some friends and even acquaintances of mine are getting similar messages and calls relating to me. They are either very rude messages about me or asking very personal questions about me and my whereabouts.

I honestly have no idea who is behind this or even why.

I have made sure to screenshot all the fake numbers and messages that have come my way and even the fake profiles that have contacted me and people I have relationships with. I make it a point to let close friends know where I am and my schedule as precautions. And I am always honest with people when they ask about the situation. You should never be ashamed or hide if you are being harassed.

However from this ongoing experience I have realized a few things;

-Be nice and kind to everyone no matter who they are

-Be strong in knowing yourself.

-Be grateful for relationships you have no matter how small they seem.

-Negative experiences are not “baggage” to your life, they are learning experiences.

-Never let someone else dictate how you live your life.

-There is ALWAYS sunshine at the end


I am truly grateful for everyone who has been helping me along the way. If you or someone you know is dealing with any form of harassment please encourage or go find someone to talk to and explain your situation in order to get support

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