My Bathos Haul

Recently I have been challenging myself to go completely natural. I have really taken a good look at the products I have normally been using (and that I thought were okay) and have learned they consist of toxic chemicals. My 2016 challenge to myself was just to overall better everyday things I use, in hopes to give each of you an idea of good products to use that will be beneficial.

So I threw everything out and started with a clean slate (and more bathroom space)!


I have used only one product from Bathos , a local shop on historic Main Street of downtown Franklin, TN, prior to this haul. They offer a great natural skin and hair line that is a great alternative to those who love Lush.  I am in love with everything already and am definitely noticing a positive change from prior non-natural products I use to use.

“What began as a hobby of soap making, has evolved into a personal care and bath line of products, that shatter the myth that commercially produced soaps, bubble baths and body creams are the only options for today’s consumers. Using safe, natural ingredients and essential oils, Bathos products don’t rely on cheap fillers and chemicals to make their items effective.”-


My Purchases For The Body

Ambrosia Olive Oil Soap


-Since I have the worlds most sensitive skin I am always cautious when I try new soaps (no matter how natural they are). I am happy to say that my skin has been loving this soap choice though. While showering I feel like I am actually getting clean and washing away whatever they day brought. The Ambrosia Olive Oil Soap has not dried out my skin nor has it left a layer of grease (which is a common complaint about soap bars). However the scent of the soap is fairly neutral so for those of you who love strong smelling soaps you may want to browse at some of Bathos other options (check and see what oils are used in the soap and that can help determine how strong the scent will be, or if you’re in the Nashville area go spend a day downtown Franklin and you can get a sniff of the soaps for yourself).

Virgin Bath and Body Oil


-So far I have only used this as a body oil. I have been using it in replace of lotion. It smells amazing and really moisturizes my skin. I have been able to apply it to my legs as soon as I get out of the shower without having to worry about redness or being itchy. This oil will seriously make your skin so happy during this winter cold when your skins oils are stripped leaving it dry.

For The Hair

Hair to the Throne


-For the longest time I have been wanting to try shampoo bars. I have heard nothing but great things from people who use them. I will say it is a change in my shower routine this is going to take time to get use to. I do have thick hair and am use to lathering it up with liquid shampoo. However with bar shampoo I’ve realized a little goes a long way and it is not meant to be overly sudsy. So in the shower your hair will feel different, however once your hair is dried and brushed/combed through you will be much happier in choosing bar shampoo than liquid shampoo.

For The Face

Wife of Bath Face Wash


-I have used Wife of Bath face wash before and I have been hooked since. I use it every morning and it gives my skin an extra boost. I love how clear and glowing my skin has become since using this. After I wash my face with this, most days I just apply a tinted moisturizer and am set. The face wash does not over dry your skin at all. This is my most recommended piece to y’all!

RX Complexion Soap


-Like most women I suffer from occasional acne. I have been reluctant to use bar soap on my face because I have always been told it could clog pores more. Well Bathos has proved me wrong! The RX Complexion Soap has been a great addition to my nightly routine. Again no over drying just amazing results! I have been using this soap every night to my face and neck area and it has really helped get rid of any zits I have, as well as preventing them. Also it has really helped tone down the itchiness that comes with having sensitive skin! Don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

Thank you Bathos for providing Nashville/Franklin with quality items and making the switch to all natural products so easy!

|| photos taken by: Ashley Askew ||

(all photos taken by Ashley Askew, do not depict Bathos actual packaging)

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