Inspirational Interview: PAINKILLERCAM Art

(Cam Parker)

(Photo by:Deidra Leigh@relic_imagery)

Who is PainKillerCam?

PainKillerCam is a visual / pop artist located in Tampa, Fl working mostly via freelance and commission work. I also have been a part of numerous local art shows and am currently displaying art in 4 major fine dining establishments in town. I am striving to create an edible yet disturbing brand of sexy contradiction in my artistic efforts, glamourizing the creepy and romanticizing the controversial. I really only want my art to be two things at the end of the day: Iconic and Relevant.

Toying with notions of gender neutrality and probing the fluid topic of androgyny while artistically disputing traditionally accepted family ideals feels very genuine for me. I mix media more often than not challenging myself to marry pen and ink with colored pencils, blending acrylic and spray paint and immersing myself in digital manipulation.

(Photo By:Shannon Adams owner of @studio77photography)

What lead you to art?

I have alway felt led to be making things…in any form really. I started doodling on anything I could get my hands on in pre-school. I was part of the art club in high school and attended Northern Illinois University painting major / textiles and apparel merchandising minor.



Latest/Upcoming Projects?

I work daily on commission project and portraits, but in addition to that, I am getting designs together for a line of tee shirts, preparing for a solo art show shortly after the start of the new year, and will be traveling to Denver to embark on a second solo show several months later.

(“Inferno” by: Cam Parker and Bekky Beukes)

Who/What inspires you and why?

I am seriously inspired by anyone that I am able to come into contact with who genuinely loves what they do, in any industry. It let’s me know that it’s possible to chase and achieve a dream. I also draw inspiration from Grace Jones, Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen. I am inspired by fashion, nature, skyscrapers, music, babies, my dog, the beach…I can draw inspiration from ANYTHING.

(“Rolls Downhill” by: Cam Parker *item is for sale*)

How do you stay positive?

I find it a necessity to be positive 24 hours a day. I am a natural optimist and I have come to realize that no matter how bad a situation gets there is a lesson in it. To clear my head and remain centered, I talk to God, run 2 miles a day with my dog Adele, hit the beach with friends and I try to get out and dance whenever I have the freetime.

(“Cash Kitty” by: Cam Parker)

Best advice you have ever received?

Best advice received from my father: “When you shake a man’s hand, shake it as firmly as humanly possible, it leaves a great first impression.”

Best advice you would give?

“Presentation is everything.” When presenting your work, your brand, ect. be as thorough as possible. Always double check and fine tune anything you can.

(“Delish” by: Cam Parker)

How do you stay true to yourself?

I go with my gut, ALWAYS.

(“Tough Guy” by: Cam Parker)

Finish the sentence “I feel most natural when…”

……I am creating at my drawing desk, with my headphones blaring and the windows open. I feel its what I should always been doing…like its what I was born to do.

(All work by Cam Parker)

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