Holiday Detox

Detoxing (of any kind) is not meant to be a “quick fix”. They are meant to get your body back to a natural state so you can feel like a better you and get on a healthy positive path. With the Holiday season in full swing your body goes through so much and is exposed so many toxins. Every single one of us is exposed to hundreds of chemicals every day from the air we breathe, to the products we use, and even what we eat and drink. Getting your body to a natural healthy state is a process and your body will thank you every day for taking care of it!

 These “detoxes” are meant to be used in a healthy way and for your body to naturally get rid of toxins.

Remember you are beautifully you, if you take care of your body it will take care of you!

Detox Your Skin

Muddy Body, face masks 

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 5.33.07 PM

-Y’all have probably seen me post about MuddyBody face masks before. I truly am in love with them! All clay masks are natural, organic, and have no harsh chemicals.” With a combination of powerful plant extracts, refining clays, and the mystical benefits of botanical and essential oils,
each Muddy Mask serves a purpose in revitalizing, nourishing,and treating your skin.” MuddyBody   When shopping use my code “Native15” and save 10% off your purchase!!

Mr Bean Body Scrub

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 5.50.10 PM

-I have been using Mr Bean Body Scrub for a bout 3 years now. I honestly don’t know how I went without it before! This body scrub is not only so good for your skin but it smells amazing too! This body scrub only contains “Organic Coffee Scrub with Robusta Coffee Beans, Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Himalayan pink rock salt, Demerara Sugar, Organic Cacao and Vitamin E oil.” (There is also a “man scrub” just for you guys out there!) Mr Bean Body Care

Detox Your Body

The Sweat House (Nashville, TN)


-Even though I recently started working here, I have used their services before and still do! I am totally hooked and really believed that your body is capable of amazing things if you care for it. The Sweat House is an infrared luxury sauna studio in Nashville. Sweating is your body’s natural way to heal and stay healthy. “Our saunas are designed for the deepest most detoxifying sweat through the use of infrared light. (heat)” The Sweat House

Juice Nashville 

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 10.25.53 AM

Juice Nashville is a family owned juicery. Their cold pressed juices do not contain any added water, preservatives, or sugar. They do offer juices for juice cleanses, however (with a good diet) I have been drinking their juices instead of “snacking” which use to be my biggest problem. “A happy body is a great body” Juice Nashville

Remember to listen to your body and find what works best for you! Everyone is different and thats okay! Getting your body to a good natural state does not happen over night, nor should you try to make it happen overnight. Enjoy the journey and love your body! xoxox The NaturalNative

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